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Losing a Limb: The Importance of Rehabilitation

I wrote a brief blog recently about a company called Adventure Rehab. I would like to comment briefly on other organisations that assist those who have suffered an amputation to try and put their lives back together.

There are of course numerous organisations around the country that deal with prosthetics. One of the most well known of these companies is Dorset Orthopaedics which is based in Dorset.

The thing about prosthetics is that they have moved on considerably over the years.  Unfortunately the NHS has not. It is far from unusual therefore for an amputee to have to go through the formality of having an NHS limb fitted.Invariably it is just the one. Invariably it is ill fitting.

The issue is of course that those in the NHS to do their best, they are limited by funding and now even more so. In comparison, a company such as Dorset Orthopaedic will spend a considerable amount of time speaking to the amputee, finding out what sort of limbs they require, what sort of sports or hobbies they would like to engage in using their limb, how many replacement limbs are required, whether a swimming limb is needed, whether they are planning to do any marathons, climb mountains etc and will thereafter follow up on a regular basis and make sure that all is well.The NHS work remarkably well in some areas. 

I can recall when my children were born being told time and time again, that there was no question that an NHS hospital should be the place where my children should be delivered. A teaching hospital in particular will at least have Consultants in the hospital whereas a private hospital would have to call in Consultants from elsewhere with the obvious time delay.

That said, there are areas where the NHS falls down in the quality of services it can provide and unfortunately in the field of prosthetics, this is generally one of them.

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