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Adventure Rehab: A Brilliant Cause

One of the major issues about being an amputee I understand save for the obvious physical difficulty, is the loss in one’s confidence. 

The whole purpose therefore of Adventure Rehab as is clear from their website is to build up this confidence again .  It does so mainly by physical activity and what better way to build up an amputee’s confidence but to show them that they are still capable of living life to the full, engaging in the activities and in particular, the sports which many of us take for granted and in which they engaged prior to the amputation taking place.

There is absolutely no question in my view that Defendant’s insurers should be paying for a Claimant to attend Adventure Rehab or a similar organisation.  Not to do so would entirely miss the point with regard to any recovery. 

As one who has spoken to at length a number of amputees, the most common effect of a traumatic amputation is depression, at least for some time thereafter.  It is unusual for such a reaction to not occur and the whole purpose of Adventure Rehab is to show the injured person that life goes on and can be lived to the full extent as it was prior to the accident.  This aids recovery, aids finding alternative work if this is an issue and puts the injured person back on the right track.

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