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Fill That (Pot)Hole

I was interested to read Victoria Pendleton’s comments about the state of our nation’s roads

There is apparently an average of 10 potholes for every mile of road in England and Wales and the total number of potholes will pass 2 million for the first time this year.

As a cyclist and also a solicitor specialising in cycle accident claims I agree with Victoria Pendleton’s comments that we have to make our roads safer and more accessible for cyclists.

If you do spot a dangerous pothole it is important that the hole is registered on the CTC’s “fill that hole” website. This will alert the hazard to the council so that they cannot claim ignorance.  If the council fail to repair the pothole and it has already been registered on “fill that hole” website, this would significantly increase the chances of pursuing a successful claim against the council for any injury or damage caused by the accident.

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