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New Training for HGV Drivers to Reduce Cycling Accident Deaths

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) have introduced a new training scheme whereby workers in the logistics sector will undergo 35 hours of training specifically designed to improve their work safety skills whilst driving.

I have no doubt that this will concentrate on awareness. The vast majority of lorry drivers and by this I mean heavy goods vehicles and the like, are good drivers since this is what they do as their profession.

Instead it is not about driving per se, but about the awareness of particular road users. There has been much press over the course of the last few months in particular in London on cyclists being killed in road traffic accidents when large vehicles are turning at junctions.

It's often a case that the driver of the vehicle either does not see the cyclist as they are in the blind spot or does not bother to look for the cyclist. It's therefore very much a case of the awareness not only of the driver being raised to check not only once for a cyclist in the vicinity, but also of cyclists to take care and pull back.

I have commented previously in my personal injury blog on how road users increasingly disregard the rules of the road thereby place themselves and others in danger. As a cyclist myself who commutes into work almost daily on a bicycle, I have learned to take very much a cautious approach but also to not ride in such a way that I am either causing an obstruction or indeed I am riding ‘in the gutter’.

It's always a tragedy when someone is killed in a cycling accident. It's such a waste of a life in circumstances where the accident could most likely be easily avoided and this initiative by the RHA is very welcome indeed. I am sure that it will reap rewards and I hope that similar organisations take note as soon as possible.

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