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Our Human Rights Solicitors are dedicated to challenging discrimination, protecting the rights and freedoms of our clients and representing people who believe their human rights have been violated. 

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in human rights law and our Solicitors regularly appear in the media commenting on legal issues relating to personal injury law and human rights. 

The Human Rights Act guarantees a number of rights and freedoms and allows enforcement of those rights against public bodies. 

All public bodies such as police, hospitals, courts, local governments, and publicly funded schools, as well as other bodies carrying out public functions, have to comply with the Human Rights Act.

Cases can be brought under the Human Rights Act itself, or as a personal injury or clinical negligence claim. Our experts will advise you on the best way to pursue your case. 

Our Human Rights Solicitors are very easy to talk to and are not afraid of pushing the boundaries of human rights law to help you achieve justice. We will always fight hard for you and we have taken many cases to the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice and won. 

Our Human Rights Solicitors are experts in: 

Abuse Claims
Community Care
Deprivation of Liberty
Disability Rights
Educational Rights
Health and Social Care
Fatal Accident Claims
Mental Capacity
Military Injury Claims
Public Law
Refugee & Migrant Support.

There any many funding options available depending on your particular case including No Win No Fee. Your Human Rights Lawyer will advise you of the options.

Is there a time limit for Human Rights Act claims?

Yes, the time limit for claiming under the Human Rights Act is 12 months. However, if your case is a personal injury or clinical negligence claim, you have three years start your claim.  Judicial Review cases, in which a judge reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body, have a time limit of three months. 

In certain circumstances, if you have a human rights case that falls outside of the legal time limit, our Human Rights Lawyers may still be able to help you. 

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Our Human Rights Solicitors in London are based on Chancery Lane, London WC2 just a few minutes’ walk from the Royal Courts of Justice. 

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