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The procedures for arrest and for taking of an evidential specimen of either breath, blood or urine are very specific and unique; if not properly complied with this can amount to a defence against a drink driving conviction.

If you are convicted for a drink driving offence in England or Wales a 12 month disqualification from driving is mandatory.

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Drink & Drug Driving Offences

Drink Driving - Failure to Provide a Specimen

Stopped by the police? Unable to provide a specimen? Did they charge you anyway? In this case you are facing a driving ban of around 18 months if not more. However, with expert legal advice from one of our Drink Driving Solicitors this may not be the case.

These types of drink driving offences usually occur when someone who is suspected of drunk driving, is arrested but refuses/fails to provide a specimen to allow the police to prove that they're over the prescribed alcohol limit. However, defences can arise if the procedure is not properly conducted or if the defendant had a reasonable excuse for failing to provide a specimen. 

Drink Driving Offence - Drunk in Charge

Drunk in Charge is a totally different offence to the Drink Driving offence and is usually charged in circumstances where the police cannot prove the actual 'driving' element of the offence. Urgent expert legal advice is essential. The police and prosecution may have a weak case. However, the sentencing powers of the Courts are very similar to drink drive cases. You could face a minimum driving disqualification of 12 months. There is potential to avoid a disqualification if dealt with carefully.

Drink Driving Offence - Excess Alcohol

It's an offence to drive a mechanically propelled vehicle, on a public road or a place to which the public have access, whilst in excess of the prescribed alcohol limit.

The procedures for arrest and for the taking of a specimen of either breath, blood or urine for evidence are very specific and unique; and, if not properly complied with can amount to a defence, sometimes in shocking circumstances. If convicted a 12 month driving disqualification is mandatory.

Drink Driving - Special Reasons

Do you think the facts of your Drink Driving offence are unfair? There are certain circumstances where our Solicitors can apply to the Court asking it to not impose the standard 12 month driving ban even if you are convicted or plead guilty.

These circumstances are called ‘special reasons’. Special reasons do not apply exclusively to road traffic offences but are most often applied in Drink Driving cases where there may be a partial excuse for committing a Driving Offence. Examples could be the shortness of the distance driven, or when the defendant’s drinks were laced and he/she was unaware of this. This list is non-exhaustive and all such applications are specific to their facts. 

Drug Driving Offence - Driving Whilst Unfit

Drug Driving offences are similar to Drink Driving offences although ‘impairment’ must be proven by the police and CPS in a very different way. Furthermore, the alleged impairment may be due to illegal drugs, legal medication or other factors. If you are charged with this it may be totally unfair.

Our Drug Driving Solicitors can advise you, gather evidence in your defence and possibly save your driving licence. 

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