Contact our Driving Offence Solicitors at Slater and Gordon for a free consultation about a motoring or speeding offence on freephone 0808 175 7998 or contact us online. Unfortunately we are not able to provide legal aid funding on these cases.

We can advise you 24/7 and provide legal representation for a driving offence committed anywhere in England & Wales.

The Road Traffic Defence team at Slater and Gordon Lawyers are specialist Driving Offence Solicitors with years of experience defending the complete range of motoring offences. From speeding offences and drink driving, failing to furnish and driving with no insurance; we have successfully defended them all.

The expertise that our Solicitors use on a daily basis gives you the best possible chance of keeping your licence and staying on the road.

For a free initial consultation or for legal representation:

Call our Motoring & Driving Offence Solicitors on freephone 0808 175 7998 or contact us online.

Our UK contact centre is open 24 hours 365 days a year.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers is one of the UK's largest and well known law firms with offices in London, Manchester, Watford, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Preston.

Slater and Gordon did some research into motorists’ knowledge of the Highway Code with some surprising results. Half of people questioned said they were clueless about the rules of the road, yet 97 per cent said they thought they were good drivers.

If you would like to see how good your knowledge is of the rules of the road in the UK try our Highway Code quiz.

Solicitors for Driving Offences & Defence Lawyers

Our team of specialist Solicitors for driving offences includes Defence Lawyers who defend motorists for all types of motoring offences. Our Lawyers regularly deal with speeding ticket and drink driving offences, and some of these cases have been reported in the national press.

Whether you have an SP30 driving offence or you're facing a drunk driving conviction, call our motoring defence Lawyers for a free initial consultation and we'll be happy to help.

Why Choose our Driving Offence Solicitors?

  1. Unrivalled Knowledge – For many years our Driving Offence Solicitors have been working in road traffic law on high profile cases across the country. We have experience of all motoring offences cases; we know how to successfully defend them and can use this knowledge and experience to provide the best possible advice.
  2. Diligence – No one works harder. We will listen to what you have to say, look at all the evidence against you, advise you if you have a defence or if there is a legal loophole and if so, work tirelessly to give you the best chance of winning your case and keeping your driving licence.
  3. Unrivalled Credibility – We are an international law firm, with a consistent top ranking in both the Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 annual ratings. Few, if any of the online competitors or firms claiming to be experts can boast such a prestigious ranking.
  4. We can advise you 24 hours a day and can provide legal representation anywhere in England & Wales.

Call us for a free consultation and we'll be happy to help you. We are not able to offer legal aid funding on these cases.  

Call our Motoring & Driving Offence Solicitors on freephone 0808 175 7998 or contact us online.