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Sexual offence charges are a highly sensitive and difficult area of the law. Allegations of guilt and protestations of innocence often come down to one person’s word against another’s. That’s why if an allegation has been made, you need experienced and understanding solicitors.

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Sexual assault charges

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Who can help with a charge of sexual assault?

Sexual assault charges are amongst the most difficult that we, or any defendant, will ever have to deal with. By their very nature, allegations of sexual assault often follow events that happen when two people are alone, meaning that proving guilt or innocence often comes down to whose account of events is the most credible. It should also be acknowledged that any accusation of a sexual nature is bound to be extremely distressing for victims, defendants and their families.

It’s also the case, as a number of high-profile prosecutions have shown, that lives can be ruined by heightened media interest in sexual assault cases, even where the defendant is ultimately acquitted. Which is good reason to ensure that your defence team is not only committed to defending your innocence, but also, as far as possible, your reputation.

One of the greatest problems if you’ve been accused of a sexual offence is the absence of evidence, particularly in the case of an historic allegation of sexual assault.

In these cases, evidence to prove matters one way or another is usually impossible to collect, meaning that the focus of the defence has to be on the credibility of the complainant as well as the character of the defendant. In matters such as this, you need a defence team that is not only highly experienced in defending cases like this, but also capable of the intense attention to detail that successful defences rely on.

Many prosecutions for sexual assault that are based on historic allegations are successfully defended against because there’s evidence somewhere – whether on social media or social services records – that casts serious doubt on prosecution evidence. Our specialist sexual offences defence solicitors have the experience and the drive to leave no stone unturned in defending you against false or unreliable allegations.

If you’ve been charged in connection with a sexual assault or any other sexual offence, call us right away on 0330 041 5869 or contact us online and we’ll call you.

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