If you’re facing investigation or prosecution, contact Slater and Gordon criminal solicitors in Birmingham. We can provide expert advice and legal representation here in Birmingham or anywhere in the UK.

Call our Birmingham criminal defence specialists on 0121 233 8300 or contact us online and we’ll get right back to you. If someone has been arrested or you need urgent assistance outside of office hours, call Freephone on 0808 175 8000 for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our areas of expertise

If you need the most experienced, skilled criminal solicitors Birmingham has to offer, it has to be Slater and Gordon. Our highly trained lawyers have unrivalled experience in wide range of areas of criminal defence, including:

  • Assault - from common assault to grievous bodily harm
  • Drug charges - including possession of a controlled drug, possession with intent to supply and production of controlled drugs
  • Public order offences - including rioting, violent disorder and threatening or abusive behaviour towards another person
  • Serious driving charges - from speeding to drink driving
  • Theft - including robbery, armed robbery and burglary
  • Fraud - including deception and money laundering
  • Business crime.

Whatever the charge, you can rely on Slater and Gordon’s Birmingham criminal defence specialists to provide the strongest possible representation. Our in-depth knowledge of criminal law and collective experience means that we can give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

Even if the charge you’re facing isn’t listed here, we may still be able to assist. Contact our criminal solicitors Birmingham office on 0121 233 8300 or fill in an online contact form and we’ll advise you on what to do next.

How we can help

Defending a criminal charge involves a number of steps, starting with providing initial advice after a person has been arrested. This advice is crucial, as it prevents you from accidentally incriminating yourself or making a mistake that could work against you in court further down the line. Our criminal solicitors in Birmingham also:

  • Provide advice in relation to police procedures and what to expect next
  • Protect the rights of people aged 17 or under
  • Attend police interviews with you to ensure that proper procedure is followed and that you’ve the legal advice you need to answer questions appropriately
  • Negotiate with police or custody officers to grant bail if possible.

Information gathering and case assessment

The next step for a criminal defence solicitor is to gather all the information and evidence in your case. Using this information, a trained lawyer can make an assessment and provide advice on what to do next. A specialist from our criminal solicitors Birmingham team will clearly and honestly lay out the strategic options available to you, offering a realistic prediction of how the case will unfold and advise on how to achieve a positive outcome.

Our solicitors take a holistic, personalised approach to each and every case. We know that being arrested or facing a criminal charge can be a very distressing experience, and mounting a credible defence without expert help is extremely difficult if not impossible. Our solicitors will listen to you and offer their advice in an honest, transparent manner, explaining your options clearly. They’ll also keep you updated on your case and work tirelessly to secure the best resolution for you.

When to bring in a criminal defence solicitor

If you’ve been accused of a crime, have been arrested or are being actively investigated by the police, it’s essential to seek expert legal representation immediately. A person who has been arrested has the right to legal representation as soon as they ask for it. A trained criminal defence solicitor will uphold your legal rights from the start to ensure that you’re treated fairly and to establish the facts in the case as soon as possible.

If you’re in this kind of situation, don’t hesitate. Call our Birmingham criminal law team on 0121 233 8300 or use our free out of hours service by calling 0808 175 8000.

Even if your case has progressed further than this, the Slater and Gordon team can still help. It may be the case that you aren’t happy with your legal representation, or the charges against you have changed. In these circumstances, simply call our criminal defence solicitors to discuss the details of your case and for expert advice you can rely on.

Why choose Slater and Gordon Lawyers Birmingham?

There are many good reasons to choose our criminal solicitors here in Birmingham to handle your legal defence. The first is our excellent reputation as industry leaders in this area of the law, with 97% of clients who’ve used Slater and Gordon criminal solicitors saying they would recommend us to others. Members of our criminal defence team have also been recognised by some of the top legal directories in the UK.

What sets us apart from many other law firms is our fixed fee pricing for criminal defence services. Facing a criminal charge can be stressful enough without uncertainty over legal costs, which can happen when lawyers charge for time spent on your case. Slater and Gordon is different, offering a fixed fee proposal that includes details of the work to be done and how much it’ll cost. This is all explained to the client at the outset, so except in rare or complex cases (such as high-profile Crown Court cases) there’ll never be any unexpected costs further down the line.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers is also one of the largest law firms in the country. In addition to our criminal solicitors Birmingham office, we also have branches in Manchester, London, Cardiff, Leeds and many other locations. This means that we can provide legal representation anywhere in the UK, so whatever your situation and wherever you are based, we’ll be there for you.

For advice or immediate representation, contact our criminal solicitors now by calling 0121 233 8300. You can also contact us online and we’ll call you, or use our Freephone number on 0808 175 8000 for out of hours assistance.