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Consumer law and your legal rights

Consumer law in England, Scotland and Wales outlines your legal rights when making any kind of purchase of a product or service - for example, buying goods in a shop or online, eating in a restaurant, contracting a builder or going on holiday.

Examples of cases where your rights as a consumer might be breached include:

  • A shop or restaurant failing to provide adequate service
  • A builder not fulfilling their obligations and leaving you with unfinished or defective work
  • The mis-selling of a holiday package

Your travel rights

We all hope that we’ll never need to make a complaint about a holiday, but it’s crucial to know your rights just in case the worst does happen. Your rights when buying a travel-related service include the following:

  • If you’ve booked a package holiday, the hotel and facilities must be described accurately.
  • The holiday must be of a reasonable standard, dependent on how it was described, the price and the location.
  • If you’ve paid by credit card when booking your holiday and something goes wrong, you may be able to claim your money back from the credit card company.

If you book the different elements of your holiday separately rather than as a package, it can be more difficult to make a claim if you aren’t satisfied with your experience. In these cases, it’s essential to have specialist consumer law and civil litigation solicitors on your side.

Each consumer law situation is unique, so careful guidance from experienced consumer law solicitors is crucial. Many people lack awareness of their consumer rights and are confused over the relevant consumer protection laws. This means that, unfortunately, many consumers don’t exercise their rights.

Civil litigation cases

In addition to consumer law, the solicitors at Slater and Gordon have built up a formidable reputation for upholding the rights of our clients in other civil litigation cases. Our expertise covers the following areas:

  • Disputes between employers and employees
  • Compensation cases pursued by individuals against public bodies and local authorities
  • Personal injury claims
  • Division of assets
  • Inquests
  • Contractual disputes
  • Negligence

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