Franchise Dispute Lawyers

If you have a franchise dispute, whether as a franchisor or franchisee, and would like to speak to one of our solicitors call us on 0800 916 9052 or contact us online and we can call you back when it is convenient. 

Our specialist team of franchise dispute lawyers at Slater and Gordon have expertise in all kinds of franchise dispute work, for both franchisees and franchisors, including:

  • Advising on breaches of franchise agreements
  • Providing legal and practical advice to a franchisor on how to stabilise a franchise network when dealing with a problematic or poorly performing franchisee
  • Providing legal and practical advice on obligations under a franchise where the parties are in dispute
  • Protecting intellectual property rights, including a franchisor’s brand where a franchisee may seek to set up in competition, or utilise confidential information belonging to the franchisor

How Slater and Gordon Can Help

Often the franchisor and franchisee relationship can be successful. However, disputes may arise where one party considers that the other has failed to adhere to their obligations under the franchise. We can help resolve your franchise dispute by providing an assessment of the options available to you, both legally and commercially.

Slater and Gordon can help to resolve a dispute through mediation or alternative dispute resolution, and where that is not possible, through litigation.

We can also provide urgent advice where the activity of a franchisee threatens to destabilise a network, such as through the obtaining of injunctions.

Why Slater and Gordon

Our objective is to understand your business and ensure that it is protected. We use our knowledge of the franchise business model to quickly get to grips with the core issues of the dispute and determine whether there is any opportunity to continue that relationship. Before embarking upon any litigation, or where litigation may be threatened, we look to explore the commercial resolutions available

Where litigation is unavoidable, our franchise dispute lawyers can advise you on the steps involved in litigation and costs of legal proceedings. Our lawyers can also explore with you what funding options may be available.

We are able to provide advice quickly and cost effectively. Where appropriate we can offer fixed fees.

Our Recent Projects

  • Providing legal and commercial advice to two shareholders in a franchise following a fall out with two fellow shareholders. The advice included explaining the options to bring to a head the relationship as shareholders and what continuing obligations existed under the franchise.
  • Acting for a franchisor in the early stages of establishing their franchise where the first franchisee was operating in breach of both the franchise agreement and manual, threatening the stability of franchise launch.
  • Acting for a franchisee in dispute with the franchisor, in defending a debt claim following breaches under the agreement.

Call our specialist solicitors dealing with franchise disputes on 0800 916 9052 or contact us online.

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