Our team has extensive experience advising clients with corporate claims and shareholder disputes. These types of disputes can lead to significant disruption in the day to day running of your business if they are not managed properly.

They are invariably highly personal, with reputations, careers and significant shareholdings often at stake. We are experts in resolving these disputes decisively, pragmatically and sensitively. To speak to one of the specialist team of corporate claim and shareholder dispute solicitors Call freephone 0800 916 9052 or contact us online.

Our experience includes the diversion of corporate opportunities, exclusion of minority shareholders and dividend policies, share and business sale warranty disputes, breach of director duties and claims against directors for disqualification.

Mediation is a particularly effective tool to achieve sensible and cost effective resolutions as early as possible and has the added benefit of being a confidential process. However, if court action is needed, we take swift and decisive action and have a wealth of litigation and trial experience. We also take emergency injunctive action in these cases where necessary, including freezing injunctions and worldwide asset freezing.

We use specialist and highly experienced forensic accountants to carry out share, goodwill and other valuation work in relation to shareholder disputes and corporate claims. Our longstanding relationships with forensic accountants mean we have immediate and direct access to the right experts.

Our recent cases helping with corporate claims and shareholder disputes include:

  • Acting for company in a freezing injunction and claim against a director for breach of duties and misappropriation of funds
  • Acting for directors in defending a claim for breach of fiduciary duties
  • Acting for one director/shareholder in a deadlock situation with fellow director/shareholder
  • Acting for a company in a claim for breach of duties, breach of restrictive covenants and theft of confidential information

Call our specialist Solicitors dealing with corporate claims and shareholder disputes on freephone 0800 916 9052 or contact us online.

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