Slater and Gordon are investigating the possibility of UK-based consumers bringing legal action against Volkswagen (VW). Our specialist litigation team are looking into the options for those who have been affected by the scandal, which includes the VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT brands.

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The German car giant has admitted cheating emissions tests in the US when it deliberately circumvented the clean air rules on diesel cars. The UK has opened an investigation into the emissions issue. In Germany, prosecutors have launched an investigation into the former chief executive of Volkswagen as a result of the diesel emissions-rigging scandal.

More recently there have been reports which suggest that this also affects the CO2 levels for vehicles which have also been recorded as lower than actual figures. This means that owners have purchased vehicles which do not conform to the specifications advertised.

This news has wide reaching financial implications for those people in the UK who were sold cars with the understanding that they had much lower emissions.

Will selling the car effect any compensation due in the future?

It will not affect your right to bring a claim if you suffered loss such as selling at a depreciated price, but selling may reduce the amount you can claim as you will have avoided (or reduced) certain losses such as increased fuel consumption and reduced performance following the fix.

If you do sell your car, please retain as much evidence as possible as to why you had to sell before the fix (if that’s the case) along with photos of the condition of the car, mileage, new owner, price paid (you need to show you got the best price possible so keep records of any offers you rejected). If you sell before the fix, it would assist any future claim if you write to VW to inform them of the reasons why you needed to sell the car before the fix was carried out. Please keep a copy of all communications sent.

We are calling for both consumers and VW shareholders who think they may have been affected by the scandal to register their details with us and join the group of affected customers we have established.

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As yet, VW have not admitted to falsifying emissions data in the European Union or United Kingdom, nor have there been any regulatory findings. But there have been suggestions from Germany's transport minister that Volkswagen has admitted using the same fake emissions test in Europe as it used to falsify results in the US.

Can I Claim Against Volkswagen?

You may be able to claim against Volkswagen in a group action. The UK Government has set up its own inquiry into car emissions testing. The European Commission is also looking into the matter. Future claims against Volkswagen may be possible and we will keep you updated.

Will we be treated differently in the UK since Brexit if there is a settlement?

Any goodwill payment or buy-back scheme will likely apply to the whole EU. As the UK remains part of the EU we do not see how you will be prejudiced following the referendum result on 23 June 2016.

Should I continue to pay my finance option?

We strongly urge you to maintain your contractual obligations to your finance company. Failing to pay this will mean that you will be in breach of contract and may be subject to the default and termination provisions set out in your finance contract.

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