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Medical negligence experts

The NHS Tavistock Centre is facing mass legal action for potentially failing their duty of care.

Young children could've been rushed into taking puberty blockers and transitioning at a young age without sufficient consideration for their long term wellbeing.

If you, or your loved one, have been impacted in any way due to the clinic’s actions, our specialist medical negligence lawyers are here to help.

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Medical negligence specialists

How can we help?

Concerning reports surrounding the Tavistock Centre have surfaced in light of patients revealing the truth about their treatment. With the centre rated as "inadequate", we want to ensure those who've been mistreated get the legal support they need. Our team of experts specialise in this specific field of law and have a proven track record of succeeding in such cases.

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Talk to a medical negligence specialist to learn more about your options when taking legal action against the Tavistock clinic.

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