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Sound Advice

Tuesday 19th August

“My case became very difficult for Damian and he gave me sound advice on how to handle things resulting in a great outcome...I was extremely happy with how things were managed. ”

Reid, Frodsham

Competent Lawyer

Tuesday 19th August

“Thanks very much for the great work you did on my case....I am satisfied with the results and with the way you diligently executed your services to ensure that I came out on top.....I have no hesitation in recommending you and I will definitely seek out your cost effective services in the future if and when I need a competent lawyer! ”

Mr Austin, London

Top Class Case Handler

Thursday 14th August

“A very top class case handler in Damian Bradley. Professional yet he has a very good "personal touch" in as much as making one feel very comfortable dealing with him at such a difficult and stressful period.  ”

Foster, Staffordshire

Effective Communication

Thursday 14th August

“My experience with Damian Bradley was excellent due to his excellent communication and sensible advice in respect of offers made and received. ”

Barrister Greenhalgh, Manchester

Kept Me Informed

Thursday 14th August

“Damian kept me informed and advised me of the best option that I should accept. ”

Burgess, Northampton