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Saving my Kids' Lives

Thursday 19th January 2017

“I cannot begin to thank you enough Niamh. You have always been able to see the facts and follow up on matters of concern. This kept me going. You have brought me closer to saving my kids' lives and have a chance to give them the happiness and dignity they so deserve. ”

University Lecturer, United Arab Emirates

Negotiating Skills

Wednesday 18th January 2017

“Paula provided reassuring expert advice and context throughout the process, which was greatly appreciated at such an uncertain time, and enabled me to make the best decisions about what was important for me. Her efficiency and negotiating skills ensured that I achieved an excellent outcome quickly. ”

Lawyer, London

Taking on The Ministry of Justice

Monday 16th January 2017

“Taking on The Ministry of Justice, and winning, is a huge deal. This compensation means the world for me, as it marks the end of the most difficult and challenging years of my life so far, but also symbolises new beginnings for me too. Your sheer professionalism, friendly and approachable nature really helped to cut through the jargon, and helped me to better understand what was going on. ”

Suzanne Reynolds

I Could Trust You

Friday 13th January 2017

“I hope to not need an employment lawyer again, however, if I do, I will be coming straight back to you. I felt I could trust you from the start. You have made this process easier for me, and have helped me very quickly. I appreciate your calls, and making sure I understood my position from a legal point of view. ”

Sophie Goodall, Manager, London

Always Responded Quickly

Thursday 12th January 2017

“He explained everything clearly, was sympathetic and always responded quickly. I was really impressed. ”

Anna, Warwickshire