Slater and Gordon Lawyers have represented Cycling UK members since 2002.

How Long Does it Take to Register My Claim?

Most calls to the Cycling UK Incident Line take between 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the complexity of the case. Please call at a time when you have time to spare to speak to our advisors.

Do I Have to Pay Legal Fees?

No. Part of your Cycling UK membership entitles you to free legal advice for accident claims.

Why Use Incident Line Instead of another Solicitor?

You are of course free to choose whoever you would like to represent your case. Cycling UK Incident Line is run by Slater and Gordon Lawyers. We have a specialist cycling incident team many of whom are cyclists themselves and understand the issues that cyclists face.

Over the past four years we have represented more than 1,300 claims and won over £2.9 million in damages for Cycling UK members. Of those Cycling UK members who used the service in the past four years, 100% of them have been satisfied with the service they have received, 83% of those being very satisfied.

Who Will Deal with My Claim?

Your initial call will be handled by our highly experienced call centre staff who will take down the details of your claim. Your claim will then be passed on to a Solicitor that specialises in cycling incidents at one of our 14 offices who will contact you for further details. 

Do I Have to Be a Cycling UK Member?

It may be possible for your case to be pursued through our Solicitors but this might be on different terms to those offered to Cycling UK members. Please call the helpline on 0844 736 8452 for further advice.

Personal Injury Claims Valued at Less than £1,000

If your personal injury claim is thought to be worth less than £1,000 then this will be referred to the Small Claims Court. The Solicitor that contacts you will let you know if this is the case and will send you a Small Claims pack.

The Cycling UK do not support these cases as legal costs cannot be requested from a 3rd party insurer, even if the case is successful. For this reason it is uneconomic for Cycling UK to fund small personal injury claims. In Small Claims Court injury cases are pursued by litigants in person, the Court staff can provide assistance. The Solicitor who contacts you can explain further in these cases.

Call the 24 hour Cycling UK Incident Line on 0844 736 8452 or start your claim online.