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Six-figure settlement for kidney transplant infection

11 December 2019

A six-figure settlement was awarded to a transplant patient who was the recipient of an infected kidney, leading to serious neurological problems. 

What happened: Our client underwent a kidney transplant which failed and as a result, had to have it removed.

Our client was later advised that the donor had been HTLV-1 positive and he too had been infected with the virus.

Impact:  This has caused our client to suffer from neurological symptoms, such as a debilitating tremor and mobility problems which meant that he was unable to return to his job. The virus also impacted our client’s life expectancy, future care and housing needs.

Our client also suffered from psychological injury as a result of the diagnosis and the effects of the virus on his daily life.

How Slater and Gordon helped: We pursued a medical negligence claim on behalf of our client. Expert evidence was obtained from a consultant transplant surgeon who confirmed that the defendant should have tested for HTLV 1 as it is a mandatory requirement.

Further expert evidence was obtained from a professor of immunology, a consultant psychiatrist and consultant neurologist as to our client’s ongoing symptoms. Following negotiations, we settled the case for a six-figure sum which will help our client to obtain the care and assistance he needs.

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