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Six-Figure Settlement For Pedestrian Hit in Country Road Traffic Accident

31 March 2017

The victim of a road traffic accident was awarded a six-figure settlement when she was struck by a car while walking on a country road.

Slater and Gordon Lawyer: Mark Luxton is an associate, specialising in personal injury law at the Slater and Gordon offices in London.

Settlement: £507,253.

What Happened: Our client was struck by a car while walking on a country road.

Impact: Our client sustained a serious traumatic brain injury, reduced sense of taste and smell, cognitive difficulties increased irritability, extensive maxillofacial problems which cause some communication difficulties and fourth nerve palsy affecting her dominant right hand and right lower limb problems causing some balance issues.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: We pursued a road traffic accident claim on behalf of our client. The defendants heavily disputed liability. It was a particularly difficult case because there were no independent witnesses and our client had no recollection of why he was in the road. We therefore managed to conclude the case on a 75/25 basis against our client with regard to contributory negligence.

Decision: Settlement of £507,253.

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