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Six-Figure Compensation For Heavy Lifting Back Injury

07 December 2016

image of hurt spine

A construction worker was awarded a six-figure settlement for damages following a back injury caused by lifting a heavy concrete beam.

Slater and Gordon SolicitorAndrew Zajac is a principal lawyer, specialising in serious injury claims at Slater and Gordon in Cambridge.

Settlement Value: £100,000

What Happened: Our client was injured while lifting a concrete beam at work that weighed in the region of 100kg.

Impact: Our client suffered serious injuries to his back and a loss of earnings. He was no longer able to fulfil his duties at work at the same level, and a medical expert recommended a change of career to light work with no prolonged sitting.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: Our client came to us more than two years post-accident, having had very little treatment.

On the advice of our expert neurosurgeon, he underwent an MRI scan which showed a prolapsed lumbar disc. We pursued a serious injury claim on the basis that the subsequent symptoms were entirely a result of the accident. 

Although this position was not accepted by the defendant’s expert, we managed to negotiate a settlement which our client was happy with.

Decision: A settlement of £100,000 was awarded.

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