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Woman Injured Falling From Unsafe Bridge

22 August 2016

female runner injured lying on sidewalk

A four-figure settlement was awarded in damages when a woman fell from an unsafe bridge, further aggravating a long-term knee injury.

Slater and Gordon Lawyer: Joanne Markham is a personal injury lawyer at the Slater and Gordon offices in Sheffield.

Settlement: £7,127.01

What Happened: Our client was walking along a weight-bridge at work when a lorry came from behind her. In order to avoid the lorry, she stood on a ledge on the ground but as the lorry passed, she lost her balance because of the proximity to the lorry and fell.

Impact: Our client sustained an injury to her left knee. She had previously had an arthroscopy in 2011 and required a further arthroscopy after the accident. The expert concluded that the accident had aggravated her long standing problems over a period of 12 months.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: A risk assessment was carried out post-accident and the bridge was found to be unsafe, it should not have been used as a through-road and a ledge should not be used as a pavement. The ledge should have been blocked off to avoid pedestrian access.

The medical expert noted that our client had a significant history of symptoms involving her left knee. Any symptoms that she suffered with after this period were unrelated to the accident. Whilst the defendants did not accept responsibility, they were instructed to negotiate a settlement.

Decision:  £7,127.01

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