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Five-Figure Settlement For Cape Verde Resort Fall

09 August 2016

A holidaymaker received a five-figure settlement following a painful fall outside his hotel room, which resulted in cracked teeth and facial scarring.

Slater and Gordon Lawyer: Yasmina Villar-Lopez is a personal injury solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in London

Settlement: £15,000

What Happened: Our client was on a package holiday in Cape Verde when there was a tropical storm and, as a result, lighting in the hotel where he was staying was affected. In the evening our client was returning to his room when he tripped over a decorative concrete boulder that should have held lights to light the walkway. The hotel was aware of the lack of light problem and they had reported the faulty lights three days previously.

Impact: Our client received medical treatment after sustaining lacerations to his right cheekbone, nose and chin and cuts on his legs. He also cracked two of his front teeth which will require considerable dental work in the future and one of his fingernails was ripped off.   

How Slater and Gordon Helped: The hotel alleged that the area was unlit because of problems with the power supply due to a hurricane and said it was something over which they had no control. They also alleged that as the lights had been out for three days, the client would have had to negotiate the steps on a number of occasions and, as such, should have been able to safely navigate the area.

We argued that it posed a risk to customers and the hotel should have fixed the lights sooner or at least put up warning signs and were able to negotiate a settlement of £15,000. 

Decision: A settlement of £15,000 was reached.


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