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Woman Receives £65,000 Damages After Staircase Fall

07 March 2016

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Slater and Gordon Solicitor: Sally Richards is a legal executive at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Chester.

Settlement Value: £65,000

What happened: Our client was walking home along an alleyway. After walking up a flight of stairs she was unaware that there were also steps on the other side.

As she went to step onto what she thought would be solid ground her foot went in the air causing her to lose balance and fall.

How Slater and Gordon helped: Following assessment of the case we decided that our client’s claim had good prospects of success.

The claim was pursued under the terms of her union funding agreement.

Having collated the medical evidence, put questions to the expert and prepared details of financial losses, in the absence of an appropriate settlement offer, court proceedings were prepared and issued in November 2015.

Impact: Our client suffered a fractured/dislocation of her right elbow and underwent surgery for a radial head replacement.

As a consequence of her injury, our client was absent from work for four months. She has been left with permanent limited range of movement in her right elbow and permanent aching.

There is a 50 per cent chance the metal work she has had fitted will need removing from her forearm and she may also need surgery to increase her range of movement. In addition, there is an 80 per cent chance she will require further surgery to replace the radial head.

Decision: A settlement of £65,000 was agreed in December 2015.

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