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Lorry Driver Awarded Damages for Collision in Germany

09 March 2016

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A lorry driver received a five-figure settlement for damages sustained during a road traffic accident that left him unable to work for six months. 

Settlement: £25,000

What Happened: On 5 October 2011 our client was driving his employer’s Scania R480 lorry, along the inside lane of the A2 motorway in the direction of Eggenfelden in Germany. As he approached Regensburg, he saw ahead of him an incident on the hard shoulder of the said motorway and slowed down to a speed of approximately 10km per hour. The defendant was driving a lorry along the said road in the same direction as our client, and immediately behind him. When our client slowed down, the defendant drove into the rear of the lorry he was driving, pushing it approximately 50m forward.

Impact: Our client was left with a frozen left shoulder and was unable to work for six months.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: We arranged medical appointments, physio treatment and negotiated a settlement for damages with the defendant.

Decision: Settlement of £25,000 awarded for damages.

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