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£100,000 Compensation for Car Driver in Brain Injury Claim

15 March 2016

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A car driver who sustained a brain injury in a road traffic accident has been awarded compensation after a successful claim.

Settlement Value: £100,000 

What Happened: Our client was the driver of a car when an HGV collided with the rear of his car, forcing it into the path of oncoming traffic. 

Impact: Our client’s passenger died as a result of the collision. The defendant HGV driver denied liability alleging that our client had stopped suddenly. 

The defendant was prosecuted for causing death by dangerous driving and was found at trial to have been speeding as well as using a mobile phone. He was convicted, and his insurance company subsequently admitted liability in the civil claim. 

Our client was retired at the time. As a result of the collision, he suffered a traumatic brain injury that impaired his memory. 

He also suffered a deep vein thrombosis in his legs and then subsequently developed a pulmonary embolus. He would need to wear compression stockings for the rest of his life. 

Our client was at risk of developing ulceration in his legs and also epilepsy. 

How Slater and Gordon Helped: We obtained specialist medical evidence in the fields of neurology and vascular medicine to establish the risk of future complications arising from the injury. 

We also met with the client to understand more about how much his life had been affected by the injury, and how the symptoms may impact on his ability to care for his wife who had previously suffered a stroke. 

Slater and Gordon were seeking settlement on a provisional damages basis. Following negotiations, our client instructed us to accept a sum in full and final settlement which he felt would adequately support him in the future. 

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