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Excellent Settlement for English Couple Following a Serious Motorcycle Accident in Belgium

11 March 2016

Motorbike accident

Settlement and cognitive behavioural therapy achieved for husband and wife severely injured in motorbike accident whilst on holiday in Belgium.

Slater and Gordon Lawyer: Sharon Rowles is a personal injury litigation executive who specialises in travel related claims.

Settlement: £20,000 and £6,500

What Happened: Our clients were riding a motorcycle whilst on holiday in Belgium in 2012 when the defendant un-expectantly opened the door of their stationary car into their path. Our clients were then forced to swerve into the path of oncoming traffic and consequently collided with an oncoming vehicle.

Impact: The first claimant suffered injuries to his shoulder, elbow, hand and knee. He thankfully achieved a full recovery within 12 months. The second claimant, his wife suffered more severe symptoms including five fractured ribs and a contusion to her left hip. She also suffered an adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood as well as developing a phobia of riding motor bikes and travelling in cars.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: We successfully negotiated a settlement with the defendants which our clients were very pleased with. In addition, we secured and arranged cognitive behavioural therapy for the second claimant and she is now overcoming her fear of travel.

Decision: Total settlement of £26,500 in respect of both claimants.

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