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Cyclist Awarded £100,000 Damages Following Collision with Motorcycle

14 March 2016

Bicycle crash scene

A cyclist who suffered a fractured skull and serious leg injuries in a collision with a motorcycle has received £100,000 in compensation.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: Chris Baxendale is a personal injury solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Manchester.

Settlement Value: £100,000

What Happened: Our client was cycling home from work when a motorcycle collided with him as he was turning into the lane where he lived.

Impact: Our client suffered a fractured skull and serious leg injuries. He had to have several operations to reconstruct his knee. He was unable to work and forced to leave his job as a mechanic. 

How Slater and Gordon Helped: Slater and Gordon secured witness evidence which confirmed that the motorcyclist had been driving recklessly in the moments leading up to the accident and that our client was plainly visible from a great distance away. 

The defendant’s solicitors refused to engage with any rehabilitation and liability was denied throughout. We obtained expert evidence which showed that our client was always going to have significant problems as a result of his injuries. 

Decision: Once we disclosed our medical evidence we were able to bring the case to a swift conclusion and secure damages for our client. 

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