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Compensation for Passengers in Paris Road Traffic Accident

03 February 2016

The driver and passengers of a car received individual settlements following a road traffic accident in Paris that resulted in various injuries.

Slater and Gordon Lawyer: A litigation executive in Slater and Gordon's travel law team in Manchester.


€7,325.00 / £5,400.00 (Client 1)

€5,753.00 / £4,240.00 (Client 2)

€4,063.00 / £2,995.00 (Client 3)

€2,493.00 / £1,840.00 (Client 4)

What Happened: The first client was driving his vehicle in Paris with the second, third and fourth clients in the vehicle as his passengers.

The defendant driver joined our clients’ road from a slip road, but in doing so collided with our clients’ vehicle.
Impact: All four clients sustained injuries as a result, which were mainly soft tissue injuries to the shoulder, neck, back and knee areas.

How Did Slater and Gordon Help? Claims were brought against the French insurer via their UK handling agents, advice was taken on liability from a French lawyer and medical evidence was also obtained.

Decision: The claims were successfully settled pre-action. The accident occurred in November 2010. Limitation in France is 10 years and it was decided, due to various issues in the case, that the evidence would all be built up and settlement negotiations entered into pre-action.

Despite difficulties with the French insurer in respect of causation for the most part, we managed to encourage commercial settlement without proceedings being necessary.

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