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Cleaning Supervisor Receives £140,000 for Permanent Hand Injury

29 February 2016

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A personal injury compensation claim award was agreed after a cleaning supervisor suffered a permanent injury to his hand in an accident at work.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: Elaine Malcolm is a personal injury solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Newcastle.

Settlement Value: £140,000

What Happened: Our client was working as a cleaning supervisor when his am was caught by a revolving screw in a machine that removed chicken waste.

Impact: Although he managed to rip his arm out of the machine our client suffered a severe injury to his dominant right forearm with damage to the skin, muscles, tendons and nerves.

Despite making a good recovery of movement in his hand, he has been left with some permanent reduction in the function of his right, dominant hand as well as severe scarring on his arm.

He was unable to return to any kind of work involving fine hand movement or significant grip strength.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: The defendant admitted primary liability but alleged contributory negligence on the part of our client, saying he had switched on the machine. This allegation was denied.

We disputed the allegations of contributory negligence and advised our client to reject the defendant’s early settlement offer made before any medical evidence was obtained.

We were able to arrange for the defendant’s insurers to pay for our client’s rehabilitation, which was very helpful in allowing him to make the maximum recovery from his injuries and enable him to return to work in a different role as a delivery driver.

Decision: The claim settled for £140,000.

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