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Motorcyclist Awarded Damages for Collision in Austria

26 October 2015

A motorcyclist was awarded damages following a road traffic accident in Austria that resulted in extensive injuries.





Slater and Gordon Lawyer: Joanne Berry is a Travel Lawyer at Slater and Gordon in Manchester.

Settlement: £100,000

What Happened: Our client was in Austria when she was involved in a collision and was thrown from her motorbike, over the bonnet of a vehicle and onto the road.

Impact:Our client sustained a multiple and serious injuries, including a head injury, a soft tissue injury to the neck and back, a fracture of the pelvis, fracture of the right wrist, injury to her foot and psychological consequences. 

She was hospitalised in Austria and required surgery there, and later follow up surgery back in England.

Our client had multiple on-going problems. She was very resilient and managed to continue at work despite her injuries, but had concerns about her future ability to manage.

How Slater and Gordon Helped:The German insurer was unwilling to accept responsibility and, as a consequence, Slater and Gordon issued Court proceedings in England for our client to push the matter forwards. 

We gathered multiple medical reports detailing her injuries, and called upon an Austrian lawyer to assist with issues relating to the Austrian assessment of damages.

Decision: The matter was settled on an 85/15 basis in our client’s favour shortly before trial.
We were able to push the matter to a settlement meeting and, as a result, our client received a six-figure settlement which provided for compensation for her injuries, and vitally for her future medical treatment and losses.

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