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Settlement for Couple Injured in Road Traffic Accident in Romania

18 September 2015

Slater and Gordon Travel Litigation Lawyers were instructed by two clients injured in a road traffic accident in Romania.

Settlement Value: £12,500.00 and £16,000.00

What happened: Our clients were involved in a road traffic accident in Romania in February 2012.

They were driving in Romania when they noticed a large four by four vehicle coming in the opposite direction on their side of the road, the right hand side. They couldn’t tell how fast he was going, yet he was swerving from side to side.

There was no way that they could avoid him and the third party vehicle collided head on with the front of our client’s vehicle.

Impact: One client sustained a broken little finger, an injury to his hip, some numbness to his left thigh and minor psychological issues. The second client sustained soft tissue injuries to her torso and chest, psychological issues, pain to her chest wall and her right pelvis. 

How Slater and Gordon helped: Slater and Gordon took on the case and sent a letter of claim to the UK Handling Agents for the appropriate Romanian insurer.

We then took steps to ensure that their clients were medically examined by a range of experts, dealing with their various injuries.

As liability was not openly admitted in the case and as Romanian law applied, we obtained the expert opinion of a Romanian Lawyer, both on liability and the value of the claims, under Romanian law. It was the defendant’s case that the existence of the Romanian equivalent of a police report was pre-requisite to there being any valid claim under Romanian law, whilst our clients disputed this assertion.

Court proceedings were issued in the UK and Slater and Gordon obtained an admission of liability from the Defendant, just six weeks before a trial on liability and quantum. We then negotiated settlement of both claims, just four weeks before trial.

Decision: Settlement was agreed as our clients accepted the defendant’s offers, for £12,500.00 and £16,000.00. The defendant will also have to pay Slater and Gordon’s costs.

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