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£141,000 Settlement for Labourer Diagnosed with Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

27 August 2015

worker holding construction hat

A labourer employed as a surface reinstator received £141,000 in damages following a diagnosis of hand arm vibration Syndrome.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: Christopher Briggs is a Personal Injury Lawyer located in Sheffield.

Settlement value: £141,000

What happened: The client was employed as a surface reinstator, which meant he followed behind teams who replaced/installed utilities and services reinstating the road and footpaths to the required levels.

During his employment, the client was exposed to high levels of vibration. He was not provided with any form of information or warnings about vibration. His use of tools was not monitored.

The client was diagnosed with hand arm vibration syndrome. His symptoms were only discovered following an occupational health assessment.

Impact: Upon diagnosis through occupational health, the client was removed from the use of tools. Subsequently his employment was terminated. He was unable to work with vibratory tools again. The client was under the age of 40 and had done this type of work since he was 20 years old. He therefore had to retrain to find alternative work. In addition, the injury impacts on his ability day to day tasks.

How Slater and Gordon helped: Slater and Gordon helped by assessing the impact that the injury had on the client and understanding the losses incurred as a result, progressing the file towards settlement.

Decision: Liability was not admitted by the defendants and settlement was agreed out of court.

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