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Elderly Patient Receives £37,500 Damages After Hospital Fall

27 July 2015

An elderly lady received £37,500 compensation after sustaining an injury when she fell in a hospital ward.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: James Bell is a Clinical Negligence Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in London.

Settlement Value: £37,500

What happened: James recently concluded a claim on behalf of an elderly lady who suffered an injury due to negligence at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

James’ client was 94 years-old at the time of the negligent act and had been admitted to Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust following a minor stroke. She underwent rehabilitation and was making good progress at the time of the incident.

James’ client required the assistance of a frame to get to the toilet which was located close to her bed. When one night she was being assisted to the toilet by a young nurse, the nurse failed to provide the woman with her walking frame and was helping her physically by walking her to the toilet.

On the way to the toilet, the nurse stopped to talk to two other members of staff and walked a few paces away from the woman. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, James’ client was unable to maintain her standing position and eventually fell to the floor. She was then left in agonising pain throughout the night before she eventually saw a doctor the following morning.

How James helped: James sent a letter of claim to the defendant NHS Trust shortly after he was instructed.

A response was requested from the defendants regarding whether they admitted or denied liability. When the defendants failed to respond, a threat to issue Court proceedings was issued.

Decision: An offer was put forward by the defendants to settle the claim in the sum of £37,500 which was duly accepted.

Impact: James’ client was pleased with the result but frustrated that the nurse who caused her injury never came forward to acknowledge she had done anything wrong and the internal enquiry conducted by Chelsea & Westminster Hospital was unable to find the person responsible for the accident.

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