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Family Lawyer Helps Client’s Daughter Build Relationship with Absent Father

29 May 2015

Slater and Gordon Family Solicitor Claire Reid acted for a mother very concerned about the relationship between her former partner and their daughter. 

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: Claire Reid is a Senior Associate Family and Divorce Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Manchester.

What happened: Claire’s client had been subject to physical and psychological abuse by her former partner over a number of years, some of which had been witnessed by their daughter.

She was also concerned that the father was not committed to his daughter and would not follow through any request to spend time with her. The daughter had not seen her father for over a year.

Claire’s client was also aware, however, that her daughter wanted to spend time with her father and was keen to do what she could to help their relationship develop.

How Claire helped: Claire ensured her client’s concerns were clearly and carefully set out to the father and to the court, with evidence in support where available. As a result, specific findings were made by a judge in relation to the allegations raised.

Armed with those findings, and therefore having identified the exact nature of the allegations found proven against the father, Claire explored with her client the ways to ensure that her daughter could be protected if contact with her father was to be resumed.

Claire looked into contact centres and child-involved family therapy to find the best way forward for her client and her daughter.

To address her client’s concern that the father was not genuinely motivated in spending time with their daughter, and that he would let her down if contact was arranged, Claire looked into positive parenting classes. These could be attended by the father to improve his awareness and his appreciation of his parental responsibility.

Outcome: Claire’s client was able to make an informed decision about the best way to reinstate the relationship between her daughter and father, ensuring her daughter’s wish to spend time with her father could be realised.

This gave Claire's client absolute comfort and reassurance that her daughter would be protected, but at the same time would still be able to enjoy a relationship with her father.

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