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Work Injury Claim for Civil Nuclear Police Officer Settled

31 March 2015

Slater and Gordon Personal Injury Lawyers have successfully settled a personal injury claim for a Civil Nuclear Police Officer while he was on duty carrying out firearms practice.

The officers were in pairs and had to progress down the range with one pair of officers providing suppressive fire for the others advancing. The officers were to move behind barricades as they fired their weapons.

On the day of accident, the Claimant and his colleague were providing suppressive fire for their advancing colleagues. The Claimant was to the right of his colleague, on the left hand side of the barricade in a prone position.

When the officers’ firearms were discharged, a hot casing from one of the weapons was ejected from one of the firearms. The hot case landed on the Claimant’s neck, slipping beneath his body armour and becoming trapped between his skin and his clothing, including body armour, plates, and TAC vest.

This resulted in the claimant suffering a severe burn to the back of his neck.

The Claimant was one of four officers who were injured in similar accidents on separate occasions. This was the first claim - others came later and were all successfully settled. A Part 36 offer was made prior to litigation. Ultimately court proceedings were issued and the defendants (who had refused to admit liability on this first matter) accepted the offer late.

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