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Employer Pays £9,000 for Employee’s Loss of Hearing

31 March 2015

man with ear ache

Trainee Personal Injury Solicitor Alison Head successfully secured £9,000 in compensation for her client who sustained tinnitus and hearing loss as a result of working in a noisy environment during his career.

Alison’s client worked in a factory of Thornhill Heat Exchangers Limited making rubber gaskets. This was a very noisy environment with no ear protection offered or any training about the dangers of working in such a noisy environment. Also, employees weren’t offered a hearing test as part of occupational health like they should have been.

Alison’s client worked on a very noisy mould machine all day, every day as his job roll required him to fill the mould with rubber and then pull the lid of it down to complete the process of making the rubber gasket. Every time the lid of the mould was pulled down, it created a loud banging noise and this occurred every few minutes with each gasket that was made.

As a result of working in this noisy environment for such long periods of time, Alison’s client contracted tinnitus, a condition in which the sufferer can hear a constant ringing in either one or both ears. Alison’s client also suffers from hearing loss.

Alison’s client had a hearing test conducted by an independent medical professional. The results from the medical report showed that the cause of the tinnitus and hearing loss was due to working in the noisy factory environment.

Alison went through some extensive negotiations with the insurance company of her client’s employer. The result of which amounted to her client being awarded £9,000 in compensation for the ear damage he’d sustained.

Alison’s client was pleased with the settlement figure and will be able to use the money to buy private hearing aids so he’ll be able to hear again to some extent.

Alison Head is a Trainee Personal Injury Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK. She specialises in tinnitus and hearing loss cases.

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