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Half a Million Pounds Compensation for Factory Worker in Car Accident

25 February 2015

Slater and Gordon Travel and International Litigation Lawyer Kieran Mitchell recently secured half a million pounds in compensation as a settlement on behalf of a factory worker injured in a road traffic accident in the Netherlands.

Kieran's client was returning to the UK after attending a family wedding in Poland. She was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her husband. They were travelling along the motorway when they had the misfortune of breaking down. They pulled their vehicle onto the hard shoulder and awaited rescue. Suddenly, without warning, their vehicle was struck from behind by an articulated lorry, whose driver had allowed his vehicle to stray onto the hard shoulder and who failed to heed the presence of their vehicle sat in his way.

As a result of the collision, Kieran's client suffered a serious fracture to her left arm which caused extensive damage to the nerve and left her with a complex regional pain syndrome, resulting in limited use of her arm. Her condition was compounded by a lack of coordination within the NHS, leaving her to fly to Poland to undergo the surgery that she needed. She will no longer be able to undertake the manual work she was engaged in before the accident.

Complex issues of jurisdiction and applicable law arose in this case. Kieran's client was a Polish national, domiciled in England, who was injured in a car accident abroad in the Netherlands. The lorry that collided with her vehicle was registered in Belgium and carried Belgian insurance. Ultimately, the case was brought before the English courts, though damages fell to be quantified under Dutch law, requiring expert evidence from Dutch lawyers too.

Having undergone countless medical assessments for treatment purposes, and several for the purpose of the claim, Kieran's client was anxious to conclude her claim without the need for protracted litigation. Before it became necessary for her to undergo a further round of medical assessments, so as to update her evidence, Kieran successfully negotiated a £500,000 settlement with the solicitors appointed by the Belgian insurers.

Kieran is delighted to have achieved such a significant settlement as he understands it is his client's intention to use the money to return to Poland, where she will be able to buy a property and remain financially secure, without the need to rely on disability benefits as she currently does.

Kieran Mitchell is a Personal Injury Lawyer at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK who specialises in Travel and International Litigation Law.

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