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Mesothelioma Compensation Case Settled Quickly

11 November 2014

Slater and Gordon Asbestos Litigation Lawyer issued court proceedings using a special fast track system for Mesothelioma compensation claims and the case settled in just over 4½ months from when first instructed.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers were instructed to represent Mr S of Liverpool who sadly contracted the fatal Asbestos disease Mesothelioma as a result of his work at the Cammell Lairds Shipyard from 1949-1950.

He worked at the shipyard as an apprentice sheet metal worker and worked on the construction of the famous Royal Navy vessel, HMS Ark Royal.  He was exposed to asbestos when he worked around laggers who were applying asbestos lagging onto pipework, boilers and other equipment and through working around asbestos sprayers who were spraying asbestos materials around bulkheads for fireproofing.  

Our client is 85 years of age but before he developed Mesothelioma he was very fit and active.  He led an independent lifestyle and had various pastimes including using computers and enjoyed talking to his family using Facetime on his IPad. 

We were able to deal with this Mesothelioma case urgently. We issued court proceedings using a special fast track system for Mesothelioma compensation claims and the case settled in just over 4½ months from when we were first instructed. 

In addition to recovering compensation for Mr S we were also successful in recovering costs on behalf of Marie Curie Hospice in Liverpool. Mr S has already attended the hospice as an outpatient and they have provided considerable help and support to him.  

We were successful in recovering £5,765.10 on behalf of Marie Curie Hospice which represents the cost of care and support that they have provided to date as well as estimated future support that they are likely to provide.  The hospice is a charitable organisation and only partly supported by the NHS.  We were able to recover the cost of care that they provide which is not covered by the NHS and which is met through charitable support.

Marion Logan from the Marie Curie Centre said, “Thank you so much for presenting this Hospice with this money, which of course will be put to good use in providing care and support to our patients and their families.”

A Senior Asbestos Lawyer at Slater and Gordon Lawyers said, “Mr S was pleased that we were able to resolve his Mesothelioma compensation case quickly.  It was important to conclude the case in his lifetime so that he could have the benefit of his compensation which will help him to purchase any aids and equipment he requires so he can be independent and stay in his home for as long as he can.  Mr S is also very pleased that we were able to recover costs on behalf of the Marie Curie Hospice in Liverpool which does such an excellent job in looking after people with this terrible illness.” 

Mr S’s daughter said, “My father and I were both impressed with how quickly his case was resolved. The whole process went smoothly and was relatively hassle free, which was important to us. We were kept fully informed of the progress of Dad's case and were really pleased with the service that Slater and Gordon provided. We were also pleased that the Marie Curie Hospice were able to benefit from Dad's case as they play a vital and important role in supporting Dad and us as a family.”