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Client Awarded £250,000 Compensation for Negligent Foot Surgery

03 May 2013

Clinical Negligence Solicitor Iona Meeres-Young obtained an admission of liability and a substantial compensation award for a lady who underwent foot surgery, funded by Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust.

Iona’s client had a long history of flat feet and valgus posture (where heels point outwards).  She consulted a Foot surgeon who indicated that she would benefit from a tendon transfer and calcaneal shift osteotomy (a heel shift). The second part, the heel shift, is extremely important to help protect the transferred tendon.

In the event, the surgeon performed a tendon transfer but failed to shift the heel. Inevitably, the tendon failed and my client was left in a far worse position than before the surgery. The only surgical option available was for her to have her entire hind foot fused.  She now has limited mobility and requires lifelong orthotics.  

We successfully brought a claim against the Defendant for negligently failing to perform the heel shift. The Defendant admitted liability and following negotiations, we recovered £250,000.00. Bringing this surgery claim has enabled Iona’s client to purchase state of the art orthotics giving her the best possible functional use of her foot. She also has peace of mind that she can afford to replace these regularly throughout her life.

Iona Meeres-Young is a Clinical Negligence Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in London.