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Personal Injury Solicitor Secures £750,000 Compensation in Brain Injury Case

18 February 2013

image of brain in skull

Personal Injury Solicitor Richard Geraghty has successfully secured £750,000 for a young woman injured before she was born.

Her mother was involved in a head on car crash over two decades ago when she was 30 weeks pregnant. The baby was born some weeks later and all seemed well, but when she was aged 1 she was found to be suffering from Hemiperisis, which causes weakness down one half of the body.

Richard was instructed nearly 2 decades after the accident, and was able to track down the defendant motorist and identify his insurance company. Richard was also able to prove that the condition was most probably caused by a foetal skull fracture and brain injury sustained in the road traffic accident.

Although Richards’s client has no cognitive deficit and is able to work full time and even partake in winter sports, Richard was able to recover damages to enable her to have the help; support and equipment she will need to live with and manage her condition for life.

This case follows on from another successful brain injury case which Richard concluded for £1.45m late last year. 

Richard Geraghty is a Senior Personal Injury Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in London.