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Inheritance & Welfare Solicitors Act as Deputy for Client with Brain Injury

20 December 2012

Our client was in a road traffic accident resulting in a severe brain injury. Her serious injuries mean that she is unable to manage her finances or the Personal Injury claim that Slater and Gordon Lawyers are dealing with.

She had not made provision for this eventuality before her accident by putting a Power of Attorney document in place. As she now lacks the necessary capacity to sign documentation, someone had to apply to a special branch of the Court, the Court of Protection, to become her Deputy. Our client’s family are based outside of the UK and are therefore unable to assist on a practical level in relation to every day requirements.

Our Inheritance & Welfare Solicitors took responsibility for our client’s affairs and submitted an application to the Court of Protection to be appointed as her Deputy. This has provided comfort to her family as they know a professional is responsible for ensuring that her needs are met, her finances are managed appropriately and the Personal Injury Claim can progress.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have dealt with all practical issues such as ensuring the necessary funding is in place for our client’s care, arranging for storage of her personal items during her rehabilitation process, protecting her employment position and managing her assets and liabilities.

We will continue to protect our client’s financial position while she remains unable to manage her own affairs. We will ensure that any Personal Injury Compensation she receives is invested in an appropriate manner, so that an income can be generated for her as and when she should need it.