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Personal Injury Solicitor Successfully Represents Police Constable Bitten by a Dog

03 September 2012

In this work accident injury case Personal Injury Solicitor Sally Gray successfully represented a Police Constable who was attacked and bitten by a dog.

Our client was required, during the course of his work as a police constable to attend at the Defendants' home in order to investigate an incident in which the Defendants' Boerboel dog had attacked a visitor to the property and caused serious personal injury. 

On entering the property our client spoke with the Defendants who advised him that the dog was of a good temperament and posed no threat to him. It was said that the previous attack had occurred because the person had gone into the garden alone when he had been specifically advised not to do so. 

The police constable indicated that he would like to have a look at the dog and the Defendants indicated that this would not present any difficulty. It was said that the dog presented no threat to anyone who was accompanied by the Defendants. Our client went into the garden with the Defendants where he saw two Boerboels, one of which was the dog in question.

The police constable was standing talking to the Defendants as the dogs roamed around. He turned to pick up some papers which he had placed on a table whereupon the dog attacked, jumping up at our client and biting him on his body armour. The dog could not get a hold on the body armour and jumped again, this time biting our client in the right shoulder.

A personal injury claim for compensation was bought against the Defendants under the Occupiers' Liability Act 1957 and the Animals Act. Liability was denied. The circumstances of the incident were disputed and the Defences under the Animals Act were relied upon.

Our client was not a Dog Handler however his instructions were that he did not wish to pursue a claim against the police force.

A compensation settlement offer in the amount of £3,000 was made by the Defendants on an economic basis and without admissions. Following conference with Counsel the Claimant accepted the offer.

Sally Gray is a Personal Injury Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Manchester.

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