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Sarah Heppenstall's client receives compensation following accident at work

22 May 2012

At his workplace my client was instructed to unload deliveries into the warehouse. To do this he took the dolly, loaded with trays of produce, from the bottom of the scissor lift and into the warehouse. The dolly on this occasion was loaded to a height of over 6 foot 2 inches. The dolly trays were secured with one piece of tape some ½ inch thick.

As the dolly came down the ramp, it over balanced and the trays fell out, one hitting my clients head and body. The scissor lift had also been faulty for some time, and this caused the load on the dolly to become unstable due to the lift juddering and shaking. Regular reports were made in relation to the scissor lift and having the same repaired. My client suffered injuries to his neck, shoulders, head and also suffered psychological injury. Liability was admitted, and the accident at work claim successfully settled for £7200.