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Compensation made great strides possible again for amputee

12 March 2012

Simon Allen helped Les find the path to recovery through compensation - Les' story

“I was helping secure a bundle of hot steel bars on a railway wagon when some of them rolled over and trapped my right foot.  
I was in agony. But it took about 5 minutes for people to get a crane to lift the bars off and free my foot which was severely burned by then.

After 5 years of getting worse I was in more pain than ever and the NHS then said my only remaining option was a below the knee amputation. I found the thought of amputation alarming and was against it.

Fast access to medical experts

I mentioned this to Simon Allen at Russell Jones and Walker who I had met in connection with my claim. He asked me if I would like an expert second opinion, done privately and I said yes. So he sent me to see a professor. Who agreed with the NHS and explained to me that with amputation and the quality of prosthetics today I could get the rest of my life back.
Simon’s expert was an enormously important help for me at that very critical time. I wouldn’t have known how to begin to find such a person myself. Simon and Russell Jones and Walker gotinterim damages payments for me and sorted all that out.

Lawyers secured funding allowing me a better lifestyle

The op was actually done by the professor I went to for the second opinion. Within a year of the amputation Simon had also got me an interim payment to buy a new home, a bungalow, so there were no stairs.  
This is a great help for the rare times I need to use a wheelchair. With such times in mind Simon also got us yet further interim payments to make quite a lot of alterations and to pay for a specialist architect to help with these.  

The drive was raised up to the front door level, an access from the house to the patio was raised and a new access link was made joining the patio and the drive.
We also had a wet room made and all the bungalow’s doorways were widened.

Simon also advised in relation to the final settlement. Overall, I can’t thank Russell Jones and Walker enough for all their help throughout all of this.

Russell Jones & Walker helped me get my life back

Looking back the amputation was the best decision I ever made in my life. I can walk again and do, a lot, often with Oscar, my German Pointer. I can jog and kick a football. And I can work without any of the strain and pain I was under before. I love my job and I certainly don’t have any thoughts of retiring. In short, I’ve got my life back!"