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Elizabeth McFarlane's Negligent Foot Surgery Case....

06 January 2012

"Right from that first phone call I put complete trust in him. I will never be able to thank Paul and Russell Jones and Walker enough for the positive difference they have made to my life to counter my disability".        

Elizabeth - January 2012 “About eight years ago I had a minor operation to correct a deformity on my toes. Several operations later, carried out by the same medical team, failed. Since then I’ve had many more operations, periods in a wheelchair and periods on crutches. For over two years I was left just hobbling about, in ever increasing and escalating pain. It was suggested that I should seek professional advice from a solicitor: to see if I had a case for negligence. So I telephoned a local solicitor. But he suggested I call a bigger company, which I did. The chap I spoke to there said I should call Russell Jones and Walker in London, they gave me the telephone number and I duly called. I was put through to a lovely man called Paul Sankey, who is a partner in the firm and one of the most brilliant guys I’ve ever met.

He listened to me as I told him all of what had gone on and said he would call me back. And he did, promptly and said he would take care of things. Right from that phone call I knew he was special, and I put complete trust in him. He helped draft my first letter of complaint to the NHS trust concerned. He got my medical records, going right back to the 70s, in Scotland. He sent me to see various specialists and experts, as well as get expert advice and opinions. And he came to see me at home, and then sent a care specialist to see me. She was very thorough – she evaluated my needs in and around my home and gave much needed expert advice on what adaptations should be made.

Two years before the case was settled, Paul, got an admission of liability from the NHS trust concerned and was instrumental in obtaining an interim payment for me. It was a godsend! It enabled me to get some of the recommended home adaptations done, including having a walk-in shower installed. And I was able to get some life-enhancing independence back. I was able to get a vehicle which suited my particular needs. It was adapted so I could drive and take my scooter with me and do some normal things -  it really changed my life. I have enrolled at a local college and I’m doing a digital photography course, something for me. 

The settlement was sorted in 2011, and the benefits it brought me are fantastic. I am permanently disabled. But I will never be able to thank Paul and Russell Jones and Walker enough for the positive difference they have made to my life to counter that disability. What else can I say - Paul will always be my hero!”Elizabeth McFarlane - Russell Jones & Walker client.