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Joanne Doherty's client receives work accident compensation

06 December 2011

On the day of the accident our client was installing cables in plant room 7 in Heathrow Airport. He was working with his colleague, and they were using a ladder to place new cables into trunking. Our client was standing on the ladder whilst his colleague stood at the foot of the ladder, holding the ladder in place. Suddenly and without warning the bottom of the ladder slipped along the floor, away from the wall, causing him to fall forwards with the ladder. Unfortunately the colleague at the foot of the ladder was unable to hold onto the ladder as it was too heavy. They then noticed that the ladder had slipped on a substance which was on the floor. They did not see the substance on the floor prior to the accident as it was not obvious and the lighting in the plant room was poor. When the paramedics arrived, one of the paramedics also slipped on the substance on the floor.  

The defendants made an offer to settle on a 75/25 basis. They alleged that there were other safer ladders available and that our client should have seen the substance on the floor before he climbed the ladders. This offer was rejected. An offer of £8000.00 in compensation was made and accepted by our client for his work accident.