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Senior executive singled out for redundancy as a result of his protected disclosures

25 October 2011

A senior executive at one of the largest banks in the world approached us when his employment was terminated after he made protected disclosures. A highly respected and high-profile figure in the industry, our client ran a highly profitable and significant division at his employer. Part of his role included responsibility for compliance oversight of the department and he had a duty to alert the compliance department when he suspected breaches of compliance standards, or risks that they might be breached.

After frequent internal reporting of non-compliant trades and/or regulatory issues, our client was suddenly told his role was redundant. On considering the evidence we came to the conclusion that our client had indeed been singled out for redundancy as a result of his protected disclosures. After substantial negotiation and an unsatisfactorily low settlement offer put on the table by the bank, the matter culminated in a hard fought mediation in which we secured a substantial seven-figure sum for our client.