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Construction Site Accident Compensation for Young Building Contractor

01 November 2010

Our client was a building contractor.  The site which he was working on had Harris fencing surrounding the construction area. There was a gap between the fencing and a stone tower, which our client walked through.  As he walked through the gap he caught his foot in some rope which was hanging down from the fencing.  He fell over and injured his right hand.  It was our client’s argument that the rope was see-through, making it very difficult to notice.  Our client suffered a broken wrist because of the construction site accident.  He was in plaster for 6 weeks, and was fully recovered after 12 months. After a claim had been made, the defendant denied liability.  It was alleged that there was in fact no gap in the Harris Fencing, and it was our clients fault for trying to ‘squeeze through’ a gap which he was not permitted to.  Despite this our expert accident at work solicitors managed to win our client £3,000 in compensation for the injuries suffered.