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Cohabitation will not automatically stop spousal maintenance

01 October 2010

We represented a client in relation to her divorce and associated financial matters. Whilst the relationship between the parties was reasonably amicable, the complex nature of their financial arrangements led to protracted and difficult negotiations with her husband and his solicitors.

We were able to negotiate a settlement whereby our client received sufficient equity to purchase a home for herself and the children along with a lump sum of £450,000, a 65% share of her husband’s pensions fund, substantial monthly maintenance payments of £5,500 per month in addition to maintenance for the children and all the children’s school fees paid for.

Unusually we were also able to secure ongoing maintenance payments to our client of £4,500 per month when she commenced co-habitation with a new partner. Often this event is used as a trigger to cease maintenance payments under a financial settlement.