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Woman seeks equal pay to male comparators

06 September 2010

Our client came to us for advice in relation to her grievance against her employer relating to the changes that were proposed with her role and also with regards to an Equal Pay claim.  

Our client worked for a major financial services firm where she a managed a work stream within a department. It had become apparent to our client that she was being significantly underpaid compared to male employees of the same grade as her. The client did virtually an identical role to her male colleagues, which raised the possibility of claims pursuant to the Equal Pay Act, which prohibits differences in pay on the grounds of gender, when virtually identical roles are being performed.

However, a restructure followed, which resulted in our client being demoted and no longer head of her stream. She potentially had claims for constructive dismissal as a result of this treatment. However, she raised a grievance in connection with her Equal Pay claims and the re-structure. We used this as a negotiation tool so that she could exit the business. We were able to agree a compensation package and the client entered into a compromise agreement.  This case very much highlighted the discrepancies in pay that still pervades the City of London and elsewhere.