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£211,000 Mesothelioma Compensation for Engineer

27 September 2010

Our client worked in the power stations of the North East UK for forty years dating from 1951 to 1991. Throughout his employment, he worked exclusively for the Central Electricity Generating Board. In his capacity as an engineer our client was exposed to asbestos fibres, particularly during extensive maintenance work within the turbines and boilers.

Our specialist Mesothelioma Lawyers received instructions to assist our client with his claim for Mesothelioma compensation, and immediately sought an expert opinion so the claim could move forward as quickly as possible.

Once this and details of claim had been obtained, they were sent to the defendants who subsequently admitted liability. By the time a compensation settlement had been reached our client, his condition had significantly deteriorated. Therefore, it was important to reach agreement quickly.

The eventual compensation settlement amount was £211,000 damages and upon agreement of this amount, steps were taken to ensure that the compensation payment check was sent within 48 hours.